“Hello! My name is Bryan and I’m bboying.”

My life as a boy scout.

How my scouting life has helped me.

My travel

My name is Julie and I’m 18 years old. I love animals and dancing.

New experience

“We are Claude and Tomas, we like the nature. We enjoy sun and the spanish culture.”

Our travel

Our name is Melyne and Flora, we like to draw. Melyne likes horseriding and Flora likes reading books and take care of her plants. We hope that our new projects will help us in our life.


Marie likes to meet new people, new cultures.


Léa, 18 years old, gives a great role to solidarity in order to take her journey back in hand.

New motivations

How I’d like to get my life back on track through travel.

Like in a cage

A story about feeling trapped in a cage and being restless, finding ways to break free.

Stefano’s pathway

Kevin is 19 years old and tells the story of one day of his life.

A day in Kevin’s life

Kevin is 19 years old and tells the story of one day of his life.

Ash’s Story

Ash has many hopes for the future and wishes to overcome all the obstacles on his way.

How will it be?

Andrea is wondering what does the future holds for him.

Going around

Alexandra moved to Italy from Romania and tells her wish to win against her shyness.


Once she realized that this was not the right place for her, Elisa begins to feel stuck and tells about her desire to find another path.

The way to the dream job

What challenge did I have to overcome to find my dream job?