The Website is part of the Erasmus+ project “My Story Map”, a Strategic Partnership for Innovation Project in the field of School Education.

Project Background

  • More than one in ten Europeans aged between 15 and 24 complete lower secondary education at most and are not in education or training (Early School Leavers, see EUROSTAT 2017).
  • People who leave school or vocational training prematurely are disadvantaged in many ways, including their future career, financial situation and pension.
  • Digital storytelling with maps is a promising method for (re-)activating positive learning processes and experiences. Both personal stories and other (educational) content can be made more understandable in the interaction between storyteller (map maker) and audience (map user).

Project Aim:

The project aims to use the potential of digital Story Mapping for educational strategies that support prevention (better access to inclusive and basic quality education), intervention (tutoring, support, mentoring) and compensation (the chance to reengage in learning and identify new paths of education and training) of early school leaving.

Information and free Resources

Interested persons, in particular educational and youth work professionals will find detailed information and resources on the project’s website